Weather can be devastating to roofs in the North East United States. Residents in Maryland can contact a roof contractor in Annapolis for repair or replacement of damaged rooftops. Owners have many options when it comes to the type of material used. Some of the damage seen is roof rot and decay. The causes of damage and hazards are varied and can be avoided through proper maintenance. Owners may find a need to finance repairs or replacement.

3 Types of Roofing Material

One covering substance is slate. It is fire-resistant and can withstand many winter elements including the wind, ice, and snow. Another type of material is the shingle. These come in a variety of colors and materials such as the asphalt or GAF roof shingles. The third is Western Red Cedar, presenting a climate resilient choice.

3 Causes of Roof Decay

Roof damage can be caused by rot and decay harming the structure and creating an unstable covering leading to a requirement of roof repair or complete Roof replacement. The three main causes of rot and decay are high humidity, excessive moisture, and poor ventilation.

4 Reasons for Roof Leaks

Leaky rooftops can be caused by a variety of reasons, all will require roof repair. The older the covering the more chance of seepage. Homes with fewer slopes for the melting ice and snow runoff will also experience a further risk, due to excess moisture. Debris left over from leaves can trap liquid and cause leaks.

6 Hazards to Roofing

Homeowners will find many hazards can lead to a leaky roof. Many of these threats are produced by severe weather. Weather-related dangers include icicles, ice dams, strong winds, and condensation. Other factors that can produce risks are tree limbs and squirrels.

5 Techniques of Roof Maintenance

Roof repair can be prolonged when following basic rooftop upkeep. One technique is cleaning gutters of debris. A routine roof inspection is another approach. Homeowners will want to trim back trees and limbs. GAF shingles which will prolong the life of the rooftop is one option should replacement or repair be a requirement.

3 Forms of Financing Roofing Replacement

Three major Roof financing options are available to help with Roof replacement cost, which can run from $7,000.000 to $10,000.00. One option for the roof cost is cash. Direct company financing from the roofing contractor is another choice. Term loans are one possible option, as well.